Information on the GBIS wireless system

The links below provide some information about the history of the project, a description of the network, some maps and photographs.

We try to explain some of the obstacles we face in providing a wireless service to an area with hills and forests that can block the radio signal between our transmitters (Access Points) and potential clustomers.

  1. System Overview

  2. Line of Sight is Tops

  3. History of the LIAS - GBIS Relationship

  4. The final report to Network BC in 2012, outining what was acheived with their funding

  5. Progress Report for 2013

  6. GBIS Newsletter, December 2015

  7. Progress Report for 2016

The tower was erected in July 2011, and you can view the whole process thanks to Manfred Burandt who took a video.

The video is in five parts posted on YouTube: part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5