Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Am I eligible for Gillies Bay Internet Society (GBIS) service?

A. If you live within the Gillies Bay village or south to Shelter Point, you can be connected via the cable system. Outside Gillies Bay, if you can see the lights on Mt. Pocahontas at night then you probably are. You still need a site test to confirm that you can get a strong enough signal. Even if you can't see Pocahontas you might be able to connect to one of our other access points at the GBTV tower, Spragge Road, Paxton Road or Bell Road.


Q. How do I sign up for service?

A. Phone: 1-855-767-4247. Press 3 to request a new connection. Leave a return phone number, email address and physical address, or email and request a signal strength test.

Q. What is the cost of installation and basic equipment?

A. The cost of a standard install is $150 including all equipment and taxes. Some complicated installs are more.

Q. How do I get a Login name and password?

A. This will be set up during the install. You will need this information to check your data usage.

Q. What are the subscription rates for Internet service?

A. The five options are are available at


Q. How is overage calculated and how much does it cost?

A. Your total data usage is calculated by adding your Download data and Upload data. Overage is $0.50/GiB over the plan limit. For example, for the standard plan (80GiB/month) if you use 100GiB in a month you will be billed for 20GiB overage, or $10. Note that when reading your usage 1000MiB = 1GiB


Q. How do I pay for the basic service and overage?

A. You will be sent an invoice by email. Payment options will be outlined in your e-invoice: direct transfer from First Credit Union, Paypal, credit card or cheque.

Q. How do I check my data usage?

A. Click on the link: to access the User Manager.

Instructions are available at

Clients are responsible for monitoring their own usage.

Q. Why does GBIS charge for overage?

A. With no data limits the whole system gets clogged with data and slows down.

Q. What speeds can I expect?

A. This depends on the number of clients online at any given time. Usually, downloads are about between 40Mbps and 20Mbps and uploads about 8Mbps.

Q. Will I be able to watch movies?

A. Yes, but maybe not HD, again it depends on total traffic on the system at the time.

Q. Is my speed reduced after I pass 80GiB?

A. No, but it will be if you are late paying.

Q. How can I volunteer to help?

A. E-mail detailing your capabilities.

Q. What do I check first if I lose my Internet connection?

A. Here are some checks:

1.     Check with a neighbour to see if their Internet is working. If neither are working, call 1-855.767.4247.

2.     To check if the problem is just in your house, the check depends if you are on cable or wireless.

3.     For a wireless connection, turn off the power to the black injector box with the white, blue or green light that attaches to your Internet radio, [if you have a Wifi router also turn it off], wait 10 seconds, then turn the Internet radio on.

4.     Wait another minute before turning your Wifi router back on. Reboot your computer.

5.     If this does not resolve the problem, bypass the router to check if the problem is with the router. Do this by connecting your computer directly to the LAN socket on the injector box – see second picture below. Reboot your computer. Make sure your router is turned off when testing this way.

6.     Note that connecting your computer directly to the router (rather than the injector box) will not tell you if the problem is in the router.

7.     For a cable connection, follow the same process, but turn off the power to the modem and the router, wait 30 seconds then turn back on.


Q. Who do I contact if I need more information or my service still doesn’t work?

A. For assistance please contact.