Login to http://aux.txda.net/user/gbis with your username and password. Note that you can only do this from within the GBIS system Ė so not while you are away on vacation.

Below is what you will see. The summary tab gives the usage for the current month

You only need to access the Summary and Sessions tabs. Donít attempt to change any settings.


Click the Sessions tab to see the sessions list as seen below.

The first list to appear is page 1; these are the oldest sessions.


To view the most recent sessions, click on the last tab on the right.

To increase the number of sessions listed on one page, click the tab at the bottom right.

Below are the important columns.

Your radio has a dynamic IP address, so the User IP can change with different sessions.


The Sessions are set to renew automatically periodically. However, if for some reason equipment affecting the client connection is restarted, the existing session will be terminated and a new one begun. The Uptime column indicates the length of the session.


Note that clients with poor connections show innumerable short sessions as their radio temporarily loses contact with the network. The example below has sessions as short as 21 seconds. This typically indicates a problem with line-of-sight, maybe trees blocking the signal. This slows down the system for everyone as the radio continually tries to make the connection.



The data usage for each session is shown in the Download and Upload columns.

Note that 1000B equals 1KiB, 1000KiB equals 1MiB and 1000MiB equals 1GiB.


On the Standard Plan you can use about 1.3GiB, that is 1300MiB on average every day.


Note that a Netflix movie on low resolution uses 0.3GiB/hour, on medium resolution uses 0.7GiB/hour and on high resolution uses 3GiB/hour